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Luckily, I continue reading this did stumble onto something the other day that I’m going to let you in on when we’re done talking about Bonanza. If you are looking for a new marketplace, then Bonanza is very much a place where you can grow your sales. The site mirrors eBay to a great extent and eBay critics seeking a new opportunity will find it a favorable option. The basic plan doesn’t offer more advanced features such as analytics and customer segmentation.

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  • Offering your products on the web means choosing the best platform to sell on.
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Ramon returns to the Ponderosa and is welcomed. The Cartwrights learn that Ramon’s father, who had to take care of his large family, sold his son to the two men. The two drifters grab Ramon and force him to tell them where he found the gold. They are about to make their claim when the Cartwrights stop them and let Ramon claim the gold as his.

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Bonanza requires all sellers to be authorized to collect tax due to federal and local requirements. Your payment receipt will display a “Partner commission” or “Application fee” for the amount of the sales tax from the order total. Bonanza is an online marketplace that offers merchants tools to sell their products. It has some advantages such as a built-in shipping calculator and SEO tools. Bonanza is a virtual shop platform where entrepreneurs and small business owners can set up shop.


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Bonanza is an American Western television series that ran on NBC from September 12, 1959, to January 16, 1973. The show is set in the 1860s and centers on the wealthy Cartwright family, who live in the vicinity of Virginia City, Nevada, bordering Lake Tahoe. The series initially starred Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker and Michael Landon and later featured Guy Williams, David Canary, Mitch Vogel and Tim Matheson. The show is known for presenting pressing moral dilemmas.

I always get great customer service from ebay… Bonanza provides no customer service; if you have an issue, they just keep sending the same “canned” response over and over… And I had one sale on Bonanza for which they charged me a 17percent fee…

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He realises he can’t go any higher, and he retreats down the hill. Needing to prove himself, Joe spars against Mitch. Hoss plans to marry the widow of one of Ben’s friends, not knowing she is a compulsive gambler and refusing to believe it when the other Cartwrights confront him with the truth. Lafe Jessup doesn’t really want to be married, and now he’s about to be a father! The horse wrangler finds a fight with Hoss at his reluctance to perform his duties.

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This website is absolutely useless and TRASH. Both of the products I ordered on Bonanza were scams. In each case, the seller got the money and never sent the product. When I tried to open an inquiry with Bonanza, they marked my transaction as refunded, even though it wasn’t.

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With its simple and straightforward process for sellers, Bonanza is one of the best auction sites. The main drawback is the same one every auction site that isn’t eBay has – the smaller audience of shoppers. Talked to a great customer service rep. They were able to resolve my problems with Google shopping. If you need any additional assistance please feel free to reach our to our support team.

There is a minimum fee of 50 cents and a maximum fee of 250. If you want to sell on an auction site that charges lower final offer fees, eBid only charges 3 percent fees. With Bonanza, you don’t have to worry about any seller verification fees, which some sites charge to verify your identity. Also, it is free to list your items on the site and to relist an item that doesn’t sell the first time.